Pneumatic "Stuffer Box"

For LSR, Gum Stock Silicone, and Rubber

  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction for medical applications
  • Great for prototyping and short run production
  • Mounts easily to any machine manufacturer
  • Designed to allow quick cleaning and material change
  • Small control box allows for convenient mounting

The 27 stuffer box (Low Volume High Pressure 27 ci) is capable of applying 1000 psi on the material. The pressure can be regulated. Max air pressure to the stuffer box is 120 psi. Its volume is 27 cubic inches or 1.1 pounds of material. The plunger is built with an o-ring installed to make sure material stays in front of it. The stuffer box comes with a controller to regulate air pressure to the unit.

The HVLP78 stuffer box (High Volume Low Pressure 78 ci) holds 3.1 pounds of pre-mixed material. The controller on this unit regulates air pressure to120 psi; 330 psi on the material for a 2.75:1 ratio.

The stuffer box has a 3/4-14 NPT thread as an adapter to attach to the barrel of the molding machine. An adapter plate may be needed if your barrel does not have this thread. The stuffer box threads directly into the barrel of the molding machine.

"A" and "B" parts of liquid silicone rubber must be pre-mixed before going into the stuffer box. At the end of the run, the stuffer box can be unscrewed and stored in a refrigerator with the material inside.

Upon request, M.R. Mold & Engineering will test your material prior to purchase to insure functionality.

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