Open Nozzle or Valve Gated Cold Runner System

The objective of a cold runner system is to save you time and material on your LSR project.  In some cases, cycle time is driven by the cure time of the runner and sprue.  Eliminating the runner system increases the cycle time, reduces material costs and produces a high quality flashless product.

M.R. Mold and Engineering offers their cold runner as a standalone system as well as a mold package. Our cold runner system is available in standard and built-to-order patterns for a single, 2, 4, 8 and 16 drop configuration with options such as size, travel restrictors, and open nozzle or valve gated systems.  The cold runner system can be built with retainer plates on the base to hold various insert sizes, making this an economical way to manufacture multiple products.  The standard cold runner system is 9 7/8 wide by 11 7/8 long.  The nozzles are 3.5 center to center in distance.

Manufactured with the finest quality materials and competitively priced, a cold runner system will save you material, time and money.

Two Piece Nozzle

The Cold Runner nozzle bodies are of a two piece design. The inner body is made from hardened stainless steel. The water jacket is made of Titanium. This design offers the largest water cooling passages available along with ease to service and clean.

Spring Loaded Nozzle Tips

The Cold Runner nozzle tips are manufactured from Vanadis powdered metal for abrasion resistance. All tips are spring loaded to compensate for thermal expansion.


The Cold Runner is a self-contained assembly making it a perfect choice to use as a "Universal Cold Runner". Pairing this cold runner with multiple tooling applications will allow you the benefits of a system with the cost being borne by multiple projects.

Integral Piston Assembly

Valve gate pin movement in the Cold Runner is by pistons which are an integral assembly in the piston plate. Air flow to control pistons is through gun drilled lines. This eliminates air line hoses and barb fittings to each nozzle, preventing damage to hoses and errors in connection. This concept decreases maintenance time.

Split Plate Runner Design

The Cold Runner is designed with the runner system contained in a split plate system. This design allows the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Since gun drilled material passages are eliminated, "dead spots" are prevented. This design allows for quick material and color changes.

Air Terminal Box

All of M.R. Mold's Cold Runners are fitted with an air terminal box using a Festo quick disconnect coupler. The mating umbilical cord is provided to interface with your molding machine. This makes the connection from your valve gate controller to the cold runner system error free.

Cold Runner System
Cold Runner Air Terminal

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