Our Mold Manufacturing Experience

M.R. Mold & Engineering has manufactured over 8,000 molds in the thirty two years it's been in business. Our equipment allows us to build molds to fit up to a 500 ton press with tolerances to .0002, using the highest quality steel and components available. We build injection, compression and book molds, with integrity and continually achieve our customer's satisfaction. When needed, we build die cutting fixtures and inspection fixtures as well. 

Plastic, Rubber, and LSR Mold Manufacturing

M.R. Mold offers the industry the resources they need to make the right decisions in regards to molding equipment, pumping units, automation and robots. 

M.R. Mold offers their customers the option of flow analysis on complex parts.  Simulation results are displayed in three dimensions for the part, tool and inserts.  Temperatures, pressures and velocities can be analyzed at all stages of filing and cooling for process optimization. 

M.R. Mold is often called upon to assist in materials selection for performance in function and process. Utilizing the knowledge gained through Research and Development activities in our Technology Center, a practical approach to finding the right material for the job is easy. To assist further, M.R. Mold has garnered strong relationships with rubber and plastics chemists in our industry and can call upon them to assist when needed. These experts can assist directly with molding simulation. By employing rheological analysis of shear/temperature viscosity dependency and for rubber, cure dependency and reaction kinetics, to provide reliable predictions of performance and process ability.

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